• Technology Makes Civil Construction Easier

  • Builder [X] is a technology company providing excavation service in civil construction.


    Through the latest technology of robotics automation, AI sensing and IT communication, our excavation service is much safer and more efficient.







  • Safe by Design

    Four Layers of Failsafes

    To make sure the machine stays inside the geofenced area, we provide redundant failsafes to ensure safe operation at all times.

  • Productivity Booster

    Automation Assistant

    Operator skills, experience, and mental state affect productivity at all times. By grafting the robotic arm's automatic control technology to earthmoving equipments, we can automate the core production process through intelligent sensing and control, thereby boosting productivity.

  • Media News

    The automation technology helping cut mining costs

    Jobs updates

    Builder[X] is working in mine site, excavating and loading.